Home Renovation, Andheri

Original Image - The original furniture design looked cluttered and incoherent. The rafters on the ceiling were further adding to the clutter.

Post Renovation Image - We created a clutter free and seamless design with added storage . The L shaped diagonal boxes with jali pattern add texture and pattern. Bisaza tiles were used as inlay to highlght the furniture and add tecture and colour to the design. The ceiling was made clean and seamless , doing away with the clutter. A contemporary chandelier adds to the design element.

Original Image - The original furniture was cramped up and not very aesthetic.

Post Renovation Image - The wardrobe was removed from the room entrance and placed near the window as seen in the previous image above. This made the room more open and spacious. A blue wall was added to contrast the white furniture and add colour.

Post Renovation Image - The dark curtains were replaced with lighter curtains to make the room look brighter.

Post Renovation Image - Organizers were added in the wardrobes for convenient storage.

Original Image - A cluttered space and not very aesthetic. The hob is in the corner, which is not very convenient.

Post Renovation Image - Organized spaace with space for washing machine, ironing added. Wall and loft storage increased. A combination of grey , red, black makes an interesting space.

Original Image - A cluttered space with clothes hanging in the open. The hob is in the corner, which is not very convenient.

Post Renovation Image - A clean, clutter free space with an interesting colour combination. The hob is placed in the centre of the platform giving working room on both sides.

Original Image - Shutter storage has been provided below the platform, which is not very convenient.

Post Renovation Image - Shutter storage converted to drawer storage for ease of access. A tall unit added for additional storage and convenience. A drop ceiling added with hanging lights, which adds a design element.

Original Image -Water filter and utensils drying rack in the open not very pleasing to the eyes.

Post Renovation Image - Covered space provided for the water filter and utensil drying rack.

Corner pull out provided for ease of access.

Tall unit for snack storage.

Onion, potato and garlic storage with side ventilation

Pull out tray as additional worktop space.

Additional storage space for bags given with a lift up in the pull out tray.

Storage shelves provided behind the kitchen door.

Pull out detergent and wastebin attached to shutter below sink add convenience.

The old basin was taking too much space and making the entry to the bathroom cramped.

A sleek countertop basin given increasing the space inside the bathroom.