Rock Paper Scissors

We are a design firm headquartered in Mumbai. We specialize in interior designing as a firm with projects going on in various cities in India. We also take on projects in architecture, landscaping, logo designing, business card designing, website designing and urban planning and designing. 

Our Founder, Sonia Saraf has been chosen by the NYC (New York City) Journal as one of the top 30 interior desigers to look out for in 2022. 

Sonia has done her Architecture from Sir JJ College in Mumbai and her Masters in Urban Design from UC Berkeley, California. A leader in a diverse range of projects, Sonia has dedicated her 16 years of working experience to the field of architecture, interiors and urban design.

Lover of art and adventure, Sonia equally values the power of storytelling when designing spaces. Her designs aspire to connect people to their dream spaces while inspiring, driving and exciting them! 

Sonia's versatility reflects in her portfolio. She has worked with infrastructure projects such as metro stations and aviation planning, landscaping projects, residential bungalows, and interior design projects for both residential and commercial spaces. After having worked on projects in USA, Zambia and various cities in India, she has set up her own firm Rock Paper Scissors.

Why Rock Paper Scissors?

Our Vision - Improve the living quality of people

  • Rock - Solidity, Flexibility and Fluidity of Concrete

  • Paper - Medium for Design and Editing

  • Scissors - Versatility and Tailor made

Quality and Delivery Timeline

We pride on our quality and delivery timeline.

Responsive Design

Our designs are tailor made as per your need and liking. 


We do not have a set way of design and can mould our style as per your tastes.

Monetary Approach

We keep in mind your budget while designing and even provide low cost services.

Contact Us

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